Mission Statement


The Illinois International Port District is committed to developing and maintaining a world-class port that operates as a modern, strategically driven facility.

The Illinois International Port District is focused on generating and expanding economic activity and employment for the benefit of the City of Chicago and State of Illinois.

The Illinois International Port District is committed to doing so in an environmentally responsible way and improving awareness, understanding and engagement with the surrounding communities and other government agencies.

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Coast Guard Sector Lake Michigan and MSO Chicago
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Board of Directors

The governing and administrative body of the Illinois International Port District is a board consisting of nine(9) members known as the illinois
international Port District Board. Appointments
to the Board consist of four (4) members
appointed by the Governor of the State of Illinois
and five (5) members appointed by the Mayor of the City of Chicago. Learn More


The Illinois International Port District wholeheartedly embraces the fundamental belief and those conceptual ideas that “we”, the entire community, need to support the natural environment and our treasured jewel in Chicago, our lakefront,and the entire ecosystem of all the Great Lakes. Learn more

About the Port

Chicago is the largest inland general cargo port in America, and the city as a whole is the commercial transportation crossroads of the nation. Illinois and the Port of Chicago link waterborne commerce, foreign and domestic, via our vast rail and highway systems for distribution throughout the world. Global cargo movement in containers, barges, vessels, trucks, airplanes and railcars total millions of tons annually. Learn more


The Port offers economical, efficient, and safe handling of freight at its facilities with the services of its terminal operators and tenants and the support of the banking, insurance, transportation and freight forwarding industries of the metropolitan Chicago area. Any commodity can be moved through the Port of Chicago economically and efficiently to anywhere, from anywhere, anytime. Learn more