Butler Drive

Butler Drive Rehabilitation Project:  The Butler Drive project is the Illinois International Port District's first capital project since 1981.  This project will completely revamp Butler Drive at our Lake Calumet facility.  This roadway is over a mile long and sustains all modes of transportation that come to and through the port: rail, road and water.  Butler drive is the lifeline to the port's facility.  In that, the rail which hosts six of the seven Class I North American railroads runs the length of Butler Drive down the center with spurs to transit sheds # 1, 2, 3 and 4, the grain elevators, the grain bins, the IIPD rail yard and the currently vacant and available 100 contiguous acres at Lake Calumet.  In addition to the unprecedented rail access, the road connectivity allows Butler drive to stretch from 130th Street and Stony Island to 127th Street and Doty Avenue, the access road to the Bishop Ford (US I-90) highway and is within 15 miles of eight US highways.  Furthermore, Butler Drive backs up to a 3,000 linear foot dock that opens up to Lake Calumet which accesses the Saint Lawrence Seaway (the Great Lakes) and the Mississippi River System to the Gulf of Mexico via the Illinois River.

This $17M dollar, fully funded project was made possible by an enormous group of people and entities including but not limited to Cook County, the City of Chicago, the State of Illinois, Alderman Sue Garza and her staff, IDOT, CCDOH, IDNR, CCT, CMAP, MPC and numerous others.

The IIPD has partnered with the Cook County Department of Highways (CCDOH), the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) and RailWorks to physically construct this enormous project.

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