The Port offers economical, efficient, and safe handling of freight at its facilities with the services of its terminal operators and tenants and the support of the banking, insurance, transportation and freight forwarding industries of the metropolitan Chicago area.

Any commodity can be moved through the Port of Chicago economically and efficiently to anywhere, from anywhere, anytime


Tonnage from all over the world comes into the Port of Chicago. In addition, practically every barge carrier serves the Port terminals with all types of equipment such as open top, covered, and liquid commodities equipment suitable not only for the inland waterways but also for direct service to and from other Great Lakes ports.

Midwest shippers particularly appreciate the economy of using Chicago rather than overland transportation to a coastal port, which saves them money.


The Port of Chicago has unsurpassed terminal and rail switching services. Twelve main line railroads in the Chicago rail hub feed into selected terminals. All the major railroads serving the Chicago area have reciprocal switching arrangements. Line haul movements to and from the area by one carrier and service to the specific Port terminal by another is accommodated without extra switching charges for shippers or consignees. No Great Lakes port can match the Port of Chicago's rail service.


Approximately 600 line haul and local cartage carriers provide the full range of motor services. Many carriers maintain independently published tariffs so they meet individual shipper needs promptly at the lowest possible cost. Many truckers can provide overnight service from points throughout the Midwest.

The Port is strategically located at the convergence of the three largest interstate highways of the nation which makes the Port of Chicago the most accessible port for transloading and multi-modal distribution in the heartland of America.

Support Services

Freight forwarders, export packaging, international banking, and customs broker firms offer their specialized services at the Port of Chicago. Consolidators, shippers' associations, forwarders and expediters, specialists in fragile and perishable cargoes, container stuffing and destuffing are available to users of the Port. Many specialized transportation related enterprises offer services such as marine insurance, cargo inspection and surveying, off-premises storage, weighing, and certification. The port has an abundance of warehouse facilities.

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