The Illinois International Port District operates under strict Homeland Security requirements imposed by:

With the passage of the Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA), Title I: Maritime Transportation Security, Sec. 102: Port Security, November 25, 2002, “any structure or facility of any kind located in, on, under, or adjacent to any waters subject to the jurisdiction of the United States” is required to conduct a vulnerability assessment and prepare and submit a security plan to the Secretary of Homeland Security based on the assessment.

Due to the vulnerability of the Port District with respect to commercial vessels, many flying foreign flags, the U. S. Coast Guard continually monitors and assesses port infrastructure and personnel issues and conducts periodic audits with the Port Facility Security Officer to ensure that all requirements are being met and maintained.

Port Security Provisions

New port security provisions were introduced in Congress, and a number of new laws were passed to improve security of U.S. ports, such as:
  • Additional requirements for maritime facilities
  • Creation of the Transportation Worker Identification Credential
  • Establishment of interagency operational centers for port security
  • Port Security Grant Program
  • Container Security Initiative
  • Foreign port assessments
  • Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism

The IIPD takes very serious our security responsibilities in the protection of the marine terminals and all port district property.  Our security measures assist and strengthen the transportation security network which helps maintain a secure national transportation system.

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